What To Wear?

Have you ever booked a session, gone to look in your closet and think “What should I wear?” Getting yourself let alone the whole family dressed and ready for your session can be such a hassle. In Michigan we have so many different seasons and they all call for that right outfit! I want to help you decide that perfect outfit for the season!

Oh summer, it has that wonderful glow from the sun, vibrant green leaves & grass, and the beauty of the blue sky! The best colors to wear for your summer session would be those warm colors, as well as blues! Don’t be scared to pick out some warm pinks for the whole family to put on, even dad! Warm colors will give your photos that pop that your eyes long for and give you and/or your family that contrast from the vibrancy of the surroundings. Pairing a warm colored top with a pair of off-white shorts or light blue jeans really helps to offset the heat from the sun on a warm summer’s day. Of course, a nice warm, white, or neutral colored dress for the ladies is always welcome!

The beauties of Autumn. The vivid colored leaves begin to fall to the ground, people gather around for a toasty bonfire, and the crisp air is at it purest. Autumn has those fiery colors all around. Most people shy away from browns, but autumn is screaming for you to wear that brown top or dress! Autumn is the perfect season to bring those brown, orange, golden, and cream colors out from your wardrobe! A big hit for fall is a golden flannel, it sets the mode for a chill autumn evening out with loved ones. So, grab that brown top and throw it on with a slick pair of jeans or a denim skirt!

The frosty days of winter! Beautiful shimmery white snow slowly descending from the sky, cuddling up on a comfy couch with a steamy hot coffee or tea, and enjoying the company of those you hold dear. Should you bundle up for your family photos, or suffer through the cold? I say bundle up baby! You always want to be comfortable during a photo session! Layer up with a cozy long sleeve underneath your outfit of choice! Solid neutral colors are the way to go for winter. Stay away from those harsh blacks, and super shiny whites. With the beauty of snow as a background, wearing white or black could create a displeasing look to the eye. Look in your closet and pick out that beige, light pink, or your lightest brown sweater. Pair it with a simple bottom and you are all bundled up for your winter adventure.

Flowers begin to blossom, the snow has melted away, and the birds sing you a song to start your day. Spring is one of my favorites! It is the perfect time to wear all your pastel colors. You can never be too fancy for a photoshoot. Put on that Easter Sunday best and smile to your heart’s desire. Ask your photographer for a list of fun and exciting places to go during this season. When you wear your Sunday best, you also want to capture the wonderful beauty of God’s creation as your background. So what colors are good for a spring session? Those denim, purple, soft yellow, and peachy colors are best. And you better be ready to say cheese!

Colors help you to stand out and create a story through your photos. I hope that this will help you pick your outfit for your next photo session! Remember that as a photographer we are here to help our clients the best we can, so never hesitate to ask for advice! xoxo, Stephanie Rosette.

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