Steph The Photographer

Hi there! *Waving Hi although you can't see* My name is Stephanie Rosette, or STP (Steph The Photographer) for short! I am your 25 year old Metro Detroit Photographer, who officially started capturing moments in the past 4 years. I wanted to take a little time to just let you jump into my world and who I am as an individual, and why I started photography! First and foremost: I am a believer in God.

He has gifted me with this amazing talent, and I want to use it to showcase His wonderful creation, YOU!

I love to fellowship with others and praise God for what He has done & what He continues to do in my life. I am a wife to my handsome husband Benjamin!

Ben and I have been together for 5 wonderful years, and married for almost 4 years.

He is currently a night shift man, and I am a day shift mom & photographer!

Despite the crazy hours, Ben encourages me every single day to keep doing what I love.

We enjoy our weekends together as a family, and our road trips! Ben and I created this tiny human we call Mordecai!

I am a mommy to a very adventurous 3 year old! Our little toddler loves to climb, count, read, go to the park, and get into trouble haha.

We are always doing something fun and exciting on the weekends, from photoshoots to going on an adventure with our son.

I am the youngest of 6 kids. 3 biological sisters, one half sister, and one half brother!

Family is something that is very important to not only me, but my husband as well. We are always gathering together as a family, my side, his side, everyone! My father is a huge reason as to why I started photography. Although he is no longer physically with us (passed away in 2016 of cancer), he is very much so spiritually with us every day.

My father gifted me a camera when I was about 13 years old.

We would go on road trips to different places and take photos of each other and of the wonderful nature all around us! One of our favorite places to go and capture the beautiful creation around us was Stony Creek Metropark.

He wanted me to always capture those precious moments of life.

That is why I am here to capture those moments YOU cherish, because in life things aren't always certain, but a photo can freeze those moments that we cherish so we can remember them forever!

Photography is much more than just taking photos for me, and I hope that you will explore this wonderful journey with me, in allowing me to capture moments that YOU cherish!

I can't wait to meet you, and learn about what makes you shine! xoxo, Stephanie Rosette

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