Just do it!

“Great things never come from comfort zones!”

I recently had the opportunity to go outside of Michigan and capture some amazing moments. I had always wanted to travel to another states and capture moments for others. This opportunity made that possible! Although we do not get to do it much, our family loves to travel! That is when we saw this as the perfect moment to not only travel as a family and go on our own adventure, but for me to do my work outside of the state and add a new place and adventure as a photographer to my list!

I was able to meet my clients at this incredibly beautiful place called Nelson Ledges State Park. Nelson ledges is not my typical photoshoot area, for it is all hiking! It was definitely a step out of my comfort zone for taking photos! But I was all in it for that amazing adventure that I would be able to capture with my clients! Nelson Ledges is filled with cliffs, waterfalls, and just the absolute beauty of God’s creation! We were able to climb up some high rocks and going down through some small tunnels! One of the exciting things that Nelson Ledges is known for, is called the Devils ice box. There is a location deep down that always stays frozen, even during the hottest summers! You can always find ice down there. Unfortunately, we did not get to go down that deep, or as far as the waterfalls, but we were able to capture other moments that were just as amazing!

In the short amount of time we had, we were able to capture some beautiful moments for this trip, But next time we will be even more adventurous and go to those waterfalls and the devils ice box!

Such an amazing thing that happened as we did this photoshoot up high and down below, is that one of my clients faced his fear of heights and just did it!

So, I say “Just do it”, because it is a huge world out there, and you never know the beautiful photos you can capture on your adventure!

Attached to this blog you will be able to see just a couple of the beautiful photos that we were able to capture on this marvelous adventure!

Xoxo, Stephanie Rosette

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