Beyond Blessed: God Provides

Four years ago, it all began. It was one day in November of 2017 when I finally decided that I wanted to take my passion for capturing photos to the next level. My photography journey became more than just capturing moments of nature and family. It was a slow start at first, for it didn’t kick into gear until the beginning of 2021. That is when I was blessed to be able to capture fashion shots for a small boutique in Clawson, MI. After that moment, my photography journey became a dream career.

How did it become a dream career you might be asking yourself... Well, 2021 might have been a rough year, but it was also a blessing. That small boutique (Hips Resale) helped me gain back that confidence that I had once lost. The owner of Hips saw so much potential in me and kept on encouraging me every step of the way, not just on a business level. I started to promote myself more and more, as well as practice as much as I could. My mother-in-law encouraged me my along the way as well, introducing me to different programs that would help my photography excel.

One step at a time God started to pour his blessings over my life, and through the rough patches of life there was hope. After realizing that I loved being able to capture different moments of life for people I finally took that step... My journey was now an LLC (Limited Liability Company). Something I never imagined that I would be able to do. Owning my own business was not a high school option when being asked what I wanted to do.

After gaining some cliental I decided that I wanted to try out some popular photography shoots, vintage truck minis! I was able to find this rental area in White Lake, MI called Antique Rentals by Jill. She has an amazing selection of vehicles to choose from as well as an indoor studio to use! Let’s just say, that little thought of joining the trending shoots became a few busy weekends! They were an absolute hit! Such a hit that I am already booked for some special vehicles for the Fall & Christmas seasons of 2022! You’ll have to wait to hear more about that!

Going all the way out to White Lake (45-minute drive) made me wonder if I would be able to possibly create my own studio area. I started to do my research, looking at areas around me. None stuck out as the one. That is when I thought I would have to put that next step on the backburner for a couple of years. God definitely showed me that I was wrong to think that. He opened my eyes to using our basement as a temporary studio so I can finally get that studio life! Funny side story, I said I would always be a natural light photographer and never use lighting... Once again God showed me that I need to stop saying negative things!

God not only has provided me with this amazing career, but a whole new way to look at life. Recently God has also opened the door of owning my dream camera, something that might seem so small to others, but is still something I tear up over. I’ve realized that I am blessed beyond measure, and that God always provides. I want to do my part and help those around me by using the gift of photography that God planted inside me from the beginning. Much love, Stephanie Rosette

"And my God will supply every need of yours according to his riches in glory in Christ Jesus." Philippians 4:19

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